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Hunchback Raises Round Barn

Review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (A New Musical) at the Round Barn Theatre at the Barns of Nappanee, IN; [title of show] at Elkhart Civic Theatre, and a number of virtual performances and area events, 

A Stake of Holly Through History

My review  of Round Barn Theatre at the Barns of Nappanee's production of "A Christmas Carole" and "The Complete History of America Abridged (Elkhart Civic theatre) as well as a ton of online events.

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River Bend Film and a Silent Sky

A recap of my virtual attendance at this years River Bend Film Festival and my live attendance at Elkhart Civic Theatre's production of Silent Sky.

Barn Free

Recap of upcoming live and Virtual free entertainment.... featuring The Barns at Nappanee.

Get a “Clue”

A review of "Clue on Stage" by the Center Street Community Players, Warsaw, Indiana.

An  interview with Marsha Miller following her Syracuse- Wawasee Chautauqua presentation about Women's Suffrage.

And a ton of virtual suggestion about online and in-person entertainment opportunities....

As well as my story about Shaun Cassidy...

“Cast Off The Shackles” Sister Suffragettes

A review of Melissa Gentry (Ball State Map Maker's) presentation sponsored by the Syracuse-Wawasee Chautauqua in commemoration of the 10th year anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment -- Women's Suffrage.  

Into the [Oak] Wood[s] … Arts Barn

A review of Round Barn Theatre at the Barns of Nappanee , Indiana's production of Into the Woods with comments about the Syracuse-Wawasee Chautauqua's At Festival.... Also included are great virtual entertainment events many of which are free.


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Patsy Cline and The Little Mermaid

A review of Wagon Wheel Theatre (Warsaw, IN)'s production of "Always, Patsy Cline" and Elkhart Civic Theatre's production of "The Little Mermaid." (ECT is located in Bristol, IN)


I've also thrown in a few upcoming events, live and virtual which you may want to check out.


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Elvis is Dead, or Hello, I’m Not Johnny Cash

A review of Blue Gate Theatre's production of "Doug Church's Salute to the Stars." Plus additional tips on finding great Midwestern Entertainment at economical prices.

“The Gut Life” in the Merry Old “Land That I Love.”

A review of Round Barn Theatre at The Barns of Nappanee's production of "Land That I Love" contrasted with The Blue Gate Theatre of Shipshewana's production of "The Gut Life." Also included are additional tips of economic ticket buying and free or low cost online events.

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